Tour Komodo Island, Don’t Forget To Visit Some Of These Places

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August 26, 2019
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Tour Komodo Island, Don’t Forget To Visit Some Of These Places



Enjoy leisure time by visiting tourist attractions is indeed very helpful to you to be able to fun and relaxation in everyday life, where there are a lot of attractions that you can visit. Now, there is one island in Indonesia which has a lot of unique appeals and rare, where you can feel the holidays a stressful and also rarely can be felt by many people, namely the Island of Komodo.

Tour Komodo Island itself is popular because in this area you can get an adventure that will not be easily forgotten. To reach the island itself You can use a plane from Bali or other cities, where for ease of booking tickets and getting around in Komodo Island, You can contact

Tourist Sites Will Be Tourist During The Tour Of Komodo Island

During his stay on the island of Komodo itself, You will be invited to visit some tourist sites that indeed have a unique charm and is also very beautiful to see. Here are some of the tourist sites on the Island of Komodo :

1. Rinca Island

When you are in Labuan Bajo, the first thing you will visit is the island of Rinca Island which is opposite. Rinca island itself is one of the great islands of the Islands of Komodo. Although not so extensive. However, because of the breadth is not great, You will more easily find the komodo. Komodo is a rare animal indeed only exist in the locations around the Island of Komodo. The largest lizard in the world is own free life and protected.

To surround the island itself, you will be accompanied by the ranger who is the keeper of the island and will also be Your guide. It is very important because the komodo dragon is a reptile that is dangerous especially with his teeth that contain a lot of deadly bacteria. So, during your stay on the Island of Rinca is better You follow the rules set by the local authorities.

2. Kelor Island

One of the locations You’ll visit in tour Komodo Island is the Island of Moringa. On the Island of Moringa will be able to enjoy the very beautiful scenery. A visible stretch of beach with the sand is brilliant white with very clear seawater.

You can also enjoy snorkeling or diving to enjoy the underwater beauty that is still awake sustainability. In addition, You also can trekking to the top of the hill on the island of Kelor. Where the slope reached 60 degrees. At the moment in the top of the peak, You will enjoy the view of a very stunning and are also not easy to forget.

3. Pink Beach

Next location which is indeed very obliged for the visit is Pink Beach. The beach itself is unique because it has a sand beach that is colored pink to red. The beach itself is very rare because there is only 7 pink beach in the world. One of which is located on the Island of Komodo this. You in this beach, you can enjoy the view of the beach or play in the water off the coast. The location is also very often used as a spot of photography.

It is some of the locations you will visit during the tour to Komodo Island, where there is still a lot of locations that you can visit and have the beauty which is of course different. To get a pleasant holiday, You can contact that has been providing a complete tour package.

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