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January 31, 2019
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Komodo Dragon National Park is the most popular place to see the komodo dragons for decades and also known as the home to more than 5000 Komodo Dragons. It also holds a place on list of the 7 New Wonders of Nature and is one of the prides of the Ministry of Tourism in Indonesia. So, are you interested enough to see them in a natural habitat? Check our review below!

What will you get in Komodo National Park?

Komodo Dragon National Park is made up of three main Islands i.e. Komodo Island, Rinca and Padar, where Komodo and Rinca are collectively home to more than 5000 Komodo Dragons. This amazing place has some trekking routes i.e. short, medium, long, and adventure, with the shortest taking less than an hour and the longest up to 4 hours.

Booking your day trip to Komodo Dragon National Park here!

You’ve arrived at Labuan Bajo and getting confused on what will you have to do next? You don’t need to walk along the main street and ask every tour company what trips they have planned. Long before you go to Komodo Island, you can visit to get to know any information you need, so you can make everything well-prepared.

Moreover, you can choose the trip packages they have provided, and here the lists.

  1. Komodo Tours one day From Bali

The trip will be started and ended in Bali or Labuan Bajo. You’ll be picked up at your Hotel in Bali then transfer to Ngurah Rai Airport Bali to get domestic flight to Labuan Bajo. This day trip will visit Rinca Island and snorkeling at Kelor Island. Trekking in Rinca will accompany by Ranger and tour guide.

  1. Komodo Tours 2 Days / 1 Night

It consists of day 1 and day 2 trip, and used by two persons. In day 1, you’ll be offered to take a trip in several places such as Labuan Bajo, Rinca island, Kalong Island and Kelor island in a day. And the second day, you’ll be visiting Gua Batu Cermin (Mirror Stone Cave) before you get back on your hotel.

  1. Komodo Adventure Tour 3 Days / 2 Nights

This tour package will give you a wonderful experience on visiting Komodo Dragon Island. It will take you to visit Rinca Island and Komodo Island, Pink Beach, Manta Point, Kanawa Island and city tour on last day before you flight back. Need to know, this trip package is only provided for two persons.

  1. Komodo Tours combine with Diving trip 4Days / 3 Nights

It offers you 4 days length trip to make you get a wonderful experience on your komodo tour. It will bring you to several places in 4 days. Day one, you will visit Labuan Bajo, Rinca Island, and Kalong Island. Next day, it will bring you to Komodo Island and Pink beach.

The next day, you will spend a day on diving at around Komodo National Park. The last day you’ll visit Batu Cermin (Mirror Stone Cave) then visiting local market for getting some gift brought back from a trip.

  1. Komodo island and Manta Point Tours 4 Days / 3 Nights

First day you’ll visit Rinca Island and Kalong Island to see a big number of Komodo dragons there. In day 2, you’ll be visiting Komodo Island, Manta Point, and Sebayur Island. Next day, it will bring you to Kanawa and Bidadari Island for doing snorkeling, swimming, or sunbathing before you get back to Labuan Bajo. The last day, you’ll be getting a city tour in Labuan Bajo for a day.

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