Holiday With Komodo Tour Labuan Bajo, The Sensation Of Vacation Exotic

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Holiday With Komodo Tour Labuan Bajo, The Sensation Of Vacation Exotic

Labuan Bajo


Enjoy a holiday alone or with friends and family is one of the activities that can help take off the stress because of daily activities. In Indonesia, there are so many tourist destinations that can be visited. One of them is Komodo Island and Labuan Bajo, located on Flores.

To explore Komodo Tour Labuan Bajo. You can depart from Bali city or any city using the plane. You can book your flight tickets through Traveloka or also contact that will give you travel packages to Komodo Island which is fun and also exciting.

Location Located On The Island Of Komodo And Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo

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If you visit Komodo Island and Labuan Bajo, the most appropriate time is about April to September. Wherein that period You will get weather that is very bright. Well, below are some of the attractions that you can visit while on the Island of Komodo and Labuan Bajo :

1. Rinca Island

The city tour first when You are on the Island of Komodo dragon is Rinca Island. Komodo island itself is actually just a designation course. Where the island is included in the Komodo Islands consisting of several islands other. Rinca island is one of the largest islands in Komodo Islands and has the most numerous population of giant lizards such. In Rinca Island. You can see directly the komodo dragon up close and accompanied by the rangers or keepers of the island. In addition, You can also be tracking to the hills of the savanna and see the beautiful cluster of islands from the top of the hill.

2. Pink Beach

Pink beach is the city required to be there on a Komodo tour Labuan Bajo, where the beach itself has sand-colored pink or pink. Of course, this is a destination that can’t be found anywhere, especially Pink Beach in Komodo Island is one of the 7 pink beaches there is the world. A rare phenomenon is what makes You obliged to visit the Island of Komodo.

3. Sunset and Sunrise

In Komodo Island, You can also enjoy the beauty of sunset and sunrise. Where there is a tour that you can do to stay in the small boat along with other tourists. When sunset comes. You can see hundreds of tails bat flying out of the nest and this is a very interesting sight when you pay a visit to this location.

4. Bidadari Island

The next place that you can visit while at Komodo Island is Angel Island. On this island, you will enjoy the beauty beneath the sea with snorkeling or diving. Where there is a lot of beauty under the sea that you can see, including fish-fish of various kinds and colors as well as coral reefs that are still maintained its sustainability.

It is a couple of locations when You do the Komodo Tour Labuan Bajo does have a lot of the beauty of the exotic nature. If you indeed want to feel the holiday that is full of surprises and also fun on the Island of Komodo. You can contact to get a tour package that is desirable. All the tour packages that are in Excellent Komodo Tours include hotel, meals, driver, car, entrance ticket, ticket ship, tour guide, tip for the rangers to fuel the car. Of course, see the presence of such facilities will allow you to live a holiday on the Island of Komodo

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