Tour Labuan Bajo? Don’t Forget By Following This

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July 14, 2019
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Tour Labuan Bajo? Don’t Forget By Following This



Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo

In addition, you enjoy a variety of natural beauty from Tour Labuan Bajo. A lot of activities and excitement for visiting Labuan Bajo, become one of the main attraction to the island in Flores, NTT. As tourists, don’t forget to bring a typical food from the Island of Komodo for you to do sightseeing on the island.

A typical Labuan Bajo comes from a variety of types of food as well as souvenirs of its own. Surely it can only be found in Labuan Bajo only. What is the course? Here are some of the typical Labuan Bajo which is mandatory for you to take home during do Tour Labuan Bajo.

List Souvenirs Tour Labuan Bajo

Souvenir Labuan Bajo

1. Dried fish typical Fish Auction Labuan Bajo

As a coastal city, a lot of fishermen who live in Labuan Bajo. Fish this one comes with a small form as well as flattened. Traders used to sell fish by the way tied up and also weighed. In place of the fish, an auction is a lot of types of fish that can you make as a souvenir after a holiday in Labuan Bajo.

2. Bread Kompiang

The type of food typical of the second of these is not a typical food of the area of Manggarai. However, the bread has the shape of an oval is as if has already become one of the characteristics typical of the area of Manggarai as a hand fruit the area of Manggarai. In Labuan Bajo, a lot of places that sell bread kompiang.
Regarding the bread, Kompiang this is the bread prepared from wheat flour and has the texture tends to be hard. At

The top, a sprinkling of sesame so that adds to the typical aromas of the bread. Bread kompiang has a brown color. As for the brown color is obtained from the process of combustion in the coals, or roasted.
Some people are happy with bread kompiang that has been fried. According to him, the bread kompiang this warm taste more crispy. Will be more delicious if the bread is enjoyed with a cup of black tea typical of the area of Manggarai.

3. Fabric Songke

Fabric songke fabric is magick typical of the area Manggarai. Usually, the fabric songke this will be used as traditional clothes. However, it is not uncommon if many are using cloth songke for everyday clothes. regarding the motif and the color, fabric songke comes with a wide selection of motifs as well as color choices assortment.

Because it is made traditionally, no wonder if the price of the fabric songke is quite expensive. For fabrics with the usual quality, the price ranges from Rp. 500,000 to Rp. 750.000. And for fabrics which have a high quality comes with price reaches millions of dollars. The price difference is due to the manufacturing process.

4. Snacks Rebok

Rebok is a type of cuisine typical Manggarai used as a snack. Rebok is shaped powder made from processed rice flour and grated coconut. About it, Rebok it has a similar taste to the cake sagon, but not so similar.
Rebok will good consumed in a state of powder. If you want to add flavor, then it could enjoy it while adding avocado or bread doused in sweetened condensed milk.

5. Coffee Manggarai

Can say coffee Manggarai this is mandatory as there should be. When there are guests who come to visit, it is definitely will be served Coffee Manggarai.

Almost every convenience store and gift shops many of which sell Coffee Manggarai in the form of packaging. Even in the Airport also has many shops that sell coffee original Manggarai. Coffee Manggarai is present in the form of powder or roasted bean.

Get a Variety of souvenirs typical of Labuan Bajo When Follow tour Labuan Bajo

That is the various types by which you can find when visiting Labuan Bajo. You can find the start of the food typical to the various types of souvenirs from the objects typical of Labuan Bajo. Everything you can get easily when following travel Labuan Bajo

Not only that but by following travel Labuan Bajo in you will also get various facilities vacation very complete. Starting from a selection of popular attractions in the area of Labuan Bajo, typical food of Labuan Bajo, Hotel and a variety of holiday activities that are exciting like snorkeling, diving and much more.
For it, still waiting for moreover? Please schedule your vacation with the people closest in one of the best travel Enjoy a range of fun destination.

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