Enjoy A Vacation With Tour Package Komodo Island

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August 5, 2019
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Enjoy A Vacation With Tour Package Komodo Island

Review Rinca Island

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Indonesia is known as one of the countries that have many natural attractions that exotic
and also interesting, one of them is Komodo Island. The island itself is located in the National Park of Komodo Islands which consists of several other smaller islands which also has a lot of natural attractions that are still hidden.

To visit this place alone You can take a tour package Komodo Island in the www.excellentkomodotours.com. You can visit this island from Bali or other cities using the airplane, in which You contact Excellent Tour to get ease in Your vacation.

The Location Of The Tourist That Goes In The Tour Package Komodo Island

Komodo Island

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As long as you choose a tour package to Komodo Island. There are several tourist locations that can be found throughout the property. Here are the attractions that you can visit during the Island of Komodo :

1. Rinca Island

The first location that you can visit while on the Island of Komodo dragon is Rinca Island. Rinca island is one of the largest of a cluster of the largest in Komodo Island. On the island itself. You will be invited to see firsthand the original habitat of the komodo is the largest lizard in the world. In Rinca Island itself. You can see komodo dragons up close and accompanied the rangers on duty as a guard for You and also komodo.

2. Pink Beach

During Your vacation with the tour package Komodo Island, You will visit the one location which is very rare and also exotic, namely the Pink Beach. Pink Beach in Komodo Island is one of the 7 pink beaches in the world, where this beach has a sand color red easily and also has very clear seawater. In this beach, you can play on the beach or relax.

3. Traking

Your stay at Komodo Island, there is one activity that can be done is tracking. Where this tracking is the activity of walking down the hills on the island of Komodo. One of them is on the island of Rinca. Where You will be invited to enjoy the beauty of hill savanna in there and also enjoy the sunset from the top of the hill. There are several distances that can be selected. Namely 2 km up to 8 km. Where to do the tracking this You should be ready to walk in a long time.

4. Bidadari Island

For You in Komodo Island, visiting Angel Island is the most mandatory. During your stay at Bidadari Island. You can dive to the bottom of the sea to enjoy nature under the sea captivating. In Bidadari Island. You can snorkel or dive to swim with the fishes variegated and also the colorful coral reefs. Not only that. For on this island You can also enjoy the sunset relaxing on the beach or on the boat.

It is some of the tourist destinations and activities that you can do when choosing tour package Komodo Island with Excellent Komodo Tour. To get more information about all the packages there, You can visit the site www.excellentkomodotours.com to be able to choose which package suits you. All packets that are in Excellent Komodo Tour includes the cost of a car, ship tickets, hotel, meal and also a tour guide speaking English.

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