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Review of Interesting Activities During the Holidays on the Island of Rinca
August 11, 2019
Review Rinca Island
Review Rinca Island And Tourist Locations Around The Island Uninhabited Largest Lizard In The World
August 15, 2019



For those of you who have never been to Komodo Island or just want to know the beauty of the island, then you must read this article. Because here you can get information about many things ranging from how to start the journey to there to what who will you gonna do in there. Okay, let’s discuss one by one.

Find references about the route and the cost of travel

First, you have to do before starting the journey to get there is seek as many accurate references about the profile of tourist destinations. It is mandatory you do if you don’t want to stray up to the island opposite because you don’t know the traits of the owned destination you it.

Then by knowing the information about travel you. With this, you will know much about the types of transport anything that will bring you there. The following analysis of the budget. Because trips to be taken can course not just with the plane. But also by boat, car, motorbike in there.

Manage finances well and do not extravagant

If you are a true traveler, then you already must know that any trip that requires a budget that is not little. Although you bring a lot of money for the cost of day – to- the day you during traveling. Remember, you still have to cleverly organize all of your expenses during the trip. If you wish to traveling using a plane or a ship, pay attention to the cost of the flight and try to find a promo price who knows you any more hockey.

Invite as many friends as possible-let the journey more exciting

Indeed sometimes true that go own it is much better but there is no harm if you invite your friends to go on holiday together to the Island of komodo. And it certainly will be much more fun again of course. Enjoy your vacation in there through exciting adventures. The street and play together.

Find lodging and places to eat according to budget

Before fun to the island that has the number of the population of the komodo dragon the largest in the world. You are required to stop in Labuan Bajo first. If you want to stay. Then look for lodging that suits your finances. Don’t because just because he is full of holiday you’re spending your money just to stay the course.  In Labuan Bajo, there are many inns with prices and services vary. Please select which make comfortable.

Here is an example of a route that could add to the references you

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This is roughly the route that can you make the guide if you’ve never visited:
1. If you started the trip from the Island of Java, then your destination is the Island of Bali with a climb of the aircraft that the price agreement could be below Rp 500 thousand if you’re lucky.
2. Arrive in Bali, you will continue the trip to Labuan Bajo from the port of Benoa using the PELNI ship.
3. Up in Labuan Bajo, you may be choosing to stay and rest awhile to continue the journey the next day.
4. From Labuan Bajo, you’ll directly go to Komodo National Park in Komodo Island and try out the adventure that spurs your adrenaline in there. In addition to tours of the island, you can also get around using a bike in Rinca Island or islands in the vicinity.

Thus the article about travel tips you to the island of Komodo. To be more clear lag, you can access the complete information on the website and enjoy your trip there.

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