A Fun vacation To the Island of Komodo with a Very Cheap Price

Tour Komodo, Enjoy a thrilling Holiday in the Favorite Destination
July 26, 2019
Kanawa Island and The Variety of Its Beauty
July 27, 2019

A Fun vacation To the Island of Komodo with a Very Cheap Price

Review Komodo Island

Review Komodo Island

Komodo island is one island in eastern Indonesia. Island one this save a variety of charm, beauty and fine dining. The presence of the Komodo National Park and also a variety of beach beautiful charming made everyone want to visit it. The beauty of Komodo Island is very dear if passed. What’s now present travel Komodo tour at affordable prices that can you make as an option. Some information about the journey in Komodo Island this can be a reference for you all.

A variety of Exciting Activities on the Island of Komodo

The presence of a variety of interesting activities that can be done in a tourist spot into one of the main attraction. If you have plans to visit the Island of Komodo. Don’t forget to do some fun activities here. And get a vacation with fun.

Enjoy The Beautiful Underwater Paradise Of Komodo National Park

This one event not to be missed. Around Komodo National Park, a lot of Small Islands with many beaches and spots for snorkeling. That’s because the Bottom of the Sea to the Komodo National Park comes with a view very riveting. If we want to see, a lot of the snorkeling that can be found. You can do snorkeling in Bidadari Island, Kanawa Island, Pink Beach to various spots of interest.

Enjoy The Beautiful Island Of Kanawa

Fun activities the next you can do during your next trip to Komodo Island is to enjoy the beautiful Island of Kanawa. Kanawa island is an island with a vast expanse of beauty that spoils the eye. Very fitting for you who love the natural atmosphere. The presence of spectacular underwater scenery, make the Island of Kanawa is increasingly attracting anyone. More than that, the sunset on the Island of Kanawa also make anyone reluctant to move. Don’t forget during your next trip to Kanawa Island for capturing the beautiful moments on the Island of Kanawa.

Kanawa island can be regarded as one of the islands with snorkeling spot best. For distance also not too far from Labuan Bajo. Kanawa island keeps the enchantment under the sea which is very beautiful. More than that, Kanawa Island also store a variety of sea stars, marine life and also a variety of sea fish with very beautiful colors. Water flows on the Island of Kanawa is also very quiet. For that, as tourists, you all don’t need to worry about when doing a trip under the sea on the island of Kanawa.

Trekking on Padar Island

Padar island is one not to be missed when visiting the Komodo National Park. Although they must do trekking for 30 minutes with the rays of the sun are typical of eastern Indonesia. However, you will find a very enchanting scenery.

Like being in fairyland. The presence of the sea blue is beautiful as well as the small island around with a brown color typical of the dry grass of the dry season are increasingly making travel more enjoyable. Try to do trekking to the top of Padar Island when the sun started to rise. Or it could be when the sun had not yet set. Behold a sight so amazing.

Staying in the village of Kampung Komodo

When traveling, never take pride. Please, you take a moment to work there in the Office, the identity of your work, the demands of the profession and various other things that birth pride. Please melt in the community. No need to feel afraid. Society original Komodo Island is renowned for its hospitality.

When you enter the village, then you will get greeting hello from the surrounding community. They will be invited to get acquainted and will instantly be familiar with all of you. The community on the island of Komodo is famous for having a smile that is cheap to all visitors.

Enjoy The Beautiful Pink Beach

Indonesia can be said as one of the islands that store various things, magical and awesome. There is a blue flame in Mount Ijen, there is a giant lizard in Komodo Island, to a beach with pink sand. Around Komodo National Park, you will find a beach with pink sand.

To get at this location, required travel time by boat is 3 hours from Labuan Bajo. Just calm down, for, on a boat, you will find a variety of island with blue color ready to pamper the eyes. Upon arrival in Pink Beach, a lot of activities that you can do.

First, you can try to do trekking to the peak with a stroll along the walking paths are in Pink Beach. Calm down, the time required is not too long. It only takes 15 minutes. With a time of 15 minutes, then you see the beautiful Pink Beach of the hill. A second activity that can be done is sunbathing on the soft sand.

The activities are simple, yet able to make the mind calm. And the third activity that should not be done is to do the snorkeling at Pink Beach. When snorkeling, do not forget to always be careful. Remember the current the waves are less friendly.

Tour package Komodo Island Affordable

As tourists, you can get the tour package at a cheap price but not cheap. Of course with the use of travel packages Excellent Komodo Tour – . By using this package, then you don’t need to painstakingly when doing the holiday. It’s been a lot of tourists in the country or abroad using a tour package excellent komodo tours.
Just pay with affordable cost, you already get the best facilities for a holiday with friends and family dear. So what are the facilities that will be obtained?

Guests Of The Tour Package Excellent Komodo Tours

Travel Komodo tour indeed comes with affordable price. But, though it comes with affordable prices, excellent komodo tours have the best facilities. Here are some of the best facilities that you will get.

1. Already get the facility of pick-up

The best tour package Komodo Island Excellent Komodo Tours is already equipped with pick-up facility. With a pick-up facility, then you all no need to worry when will travel. You’re just waiting in the hotel alone, then a team of excellent Komodo tours will pick up at your location.

2. Get the Facility of An air CONDITIONING

The type of facilities the second you will get when doing a tour with the excellent komodo tours that will get a homestay AC. Although the present affordable prices, already equipped with complete facilities such as AC, TV, and dispenser.

3. Eat

Related to problems eating, you also do not need to worry. With the use of package tours travel Komodo tour, you already get consumption in accordance with travel you.

4. Companion snorkeling

For you who are not adept at snorkeling, then the excellent komodo tours also equipped with a companion snorkeling. With this, then the activity of snorkeling you will be safe and secure.

5. Tour Guide Experienced

By using tour packages Excellent Komodo Tours, you are already equipped with a tour guide who is experienced. Calm, the tour guide from the excellent Komodo Tours is a local tour guide, so he was familiar with the tourist spot in Komodo Island.

By using travel Komodo tour, you do not need to worry about the price and facilities available. just calm down, excellent Komodo tours will not disappoint you all. Just contact excellent komodo tours.

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