Review of Interesting Activities During the Holidays on the Island of Rinca

Komodo Island
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August 10, 2019
August 12, 2019

Review of Interesting Activities During the Holidays on the Island of Rinca

Rinca Island

Rinca Island

For those of you who only know about the beauty of the tourist areas on the island of Padar and Komodo island. You should also pay a visit to Rinca island and Labuan Bajo. Travel the Island of Rinca is one of the many islands that have exotic beauty with views of a very indulgent eye. Anyway, you will never regret the streets there.

Well, to give some idea to you about the beauty of the island of Rinca and interesting activities what you can do in there. Then in this article, the authors try to give a little reference. Hopefully can help you to prepare everything and ready for a vacation to Komodo island as well as taking the time to visit the island of Rinca.

Enjoy the vastness of the meadow on the island of Rinca

Travel Rinca Island

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Most of the Island Rinca is covered by grassland arid. The color is brown arid yet gives the sensation of a very remarkable for the visitors who want to stop and take pictures there. From the meadow. You can also see the beautiful scenery that is not inferior to the view from the top of the hill where a lot of beautiful places that you see from there.

The short climb to the top of the hill

In addition to Padar island, Rinca Island also has a stunning hilltop location. If you are already accustomed to mountain climbing, then you will not be tired to climb this mountain. It only took a few hours, you can already enjoy the beautiful natural scenery from the top of the hill. Preferably, before climbing. You should choose the track that corresponds with the ability to climb you so that you can arrive safely at the summit well.

A visit to the home of the giant primeval

Because of the distance the island of Rinca to Komodo island within easy reach. Then you can also see the giant lizard of the ancient or the komodo dragon in there. The number is not much. But you should still be careful around there. You must follow the guided ranger who will keep your safety as long as you’re in there. If you are not careful. Then you could just be bitten by a komodo dragon that has the content of poisonous saliva.

Play sand in white sand beach

If you fans of beach tourism, you can also spend an afternoon on a white sand beach on the island of Rinca it. In addition to Komodo Island. Travel Rinca Island is also not less presents the charm of white sand beach for visitors who want to see the sunset on the beach. If you still have enough energy after the hike and wanted to enjoy the sunset on the beach. Then please just drop in on the white sand beach to enjoy the waves or playing with the sand smooth.

Maybe that’s a review of what activities can you do in Travel the Island of Rinca to visit the Komodo island. Don’t worry about the facilities there. Because many visitors who already proved how much fun vacation on the Island of Komodo and Rinca Island.

Oh yes, if you want to know more about the tourist destinations in the Island of Rinca, Komodo Island, Padar Island and others, then you must look for it in the there you will be able to a lot of reference for everything related to the tourist destinations in Komodo Island. Hopefully can be a reference for you all.

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