Travel Tips to the Island of Komodo

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October 7, 2019
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Travel Tips to the Island of Komodo

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Komodo Island tour save a variety of an interesting visit. Komodo island is one of the attractions for tourists in Indonesia even in the World. Not if the location of this rocketed the number of its travelers each year.

Because the most that are increasingly bubbling then the manager surely always provides a means by which better and easy. This is so that travelers do not feel any difficulty to visit and tour in Komodo Island.

Location located in the area of Nusa Tenggara Timur adds to exotic this island. Komodo island is located in the weather that the level of dry season higher than in the weather the rain. The tourists will feel like being in the country-a country that is barren.

A variety of Travel Tips to the Island of Komodo

1. Choose the Right Time

You to choose the right time really is a good start in the to travel anywhere. But to get to Komodo Island is advised need to choose the right time. You can do a review with a wide variety of ways.
To travel or travel to this island a good time and the right place to visit. Choose a time when the rainy season has ended or choose a time when being the dry season.

Why is that? In addition to good for travel, indeed in the season, this is the time which is really good for a visit to the Island of Komodo. You can freely comb the Island. In addition, You can also use the tourist facilities available. And all of that is done at the right season as in the dry season then You will get a perfect view.

2. Prepare Budget

While doing the Komodo Island tour don’t forget to prepare a budger, Certainly not a thing that asking again when traveling we always take into account the costs spent on a trip. This is indeed very needed. Especially if You never go to a place, then You definitely will prepare a budget more in order not to experience problems when traveling.

Moreover, travel to the eastern regions of Indonesia which the majority of the information is more expensive if compared to a Trip Abroad. But if You can be more selective and innovative then You will get the trip with a minimal budget.

Travel to the Location of Komodo Island

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Traveled to the location of Komodo Island can be traveled through in any direction, but for the first step, You need to do the journey to Labuan Bajo. Labuan Bajo is the main door to travel to the Island of Komodo.  From any location You depart, then You must travel to get to Labuan Bajo.

Even if You use air travel, land or sea then You should make a trip down to Labuan Bajo. Once You get to Labuan Bajo. Then continue the Journey using the sea route, namely by using a boat to then go to the Island of Komodo.
Do Travel During The Day

Why should we travel during the day? Because tourism on the Island of Komodo is indeed required for the day. In addition to enjoying its natural conditions also to avoid the attacks of the animals of Komodo. If done at night then the manager will find it difficult to guide and keep the tourists when down the Island and also for the safety of the joint.

Travel in Komodo Island

You will be faced with an amazing sight when arriving on the Island of Komodo. Then You will be in charge of the levy amounted to approximately Rp. 10.000,- Rupiah.Some of the things that need to be taken into consideration when down the Island.

Follow the instructions Ranger

During the trip, You are required to follow all kinds of instructions from the ranger. This is so that You can enjoy the trip safely and comfortably. When time travel You find something that needs to be communicated to the Ranger better be quick to communicate with.
Do Not Use Clothes Tufted

Why is that? Because animals komodo has a sensor which is nice when looking at something. Especially like the texture of the fabric that is easy the wind. For the sake of safety then it is certainly not recommended for travelers.

Keep your Distance from Animals Komodo

Indeed you need to be careful because it is aggressive You should keep your distance when down this location. Not recommended to feed Animals Komodo this without the permission of the Guide / Ranger.

Stay with the Ranger

To get the security that is extra. When traveling You have to be close to the Ranger. Because of the habits of Animals of Komodo’s perform a movement without sound. So if You are always with the Ranger then Your journey will be safe.

Bring Food & Drink For Yourself

During an adventure, You can enjoy a meal and Your drinks while you rest and then continue back. Water is innate which is very useful. Because the condition is hot then the water is needed when combing the location of the Island of Komodo.  Keep in mind about food. Travelers should not bring food in the form of meat. Because it is an animal carnivorous/flesh-eating Komodo dragons have a keen sense of smell so that it can at any time  Your food.

Please inform If You Menstuasi or in the Pregnant Condition

Please inform if You in these conditions to the Ranger. The purposes of this strived to maintain the condition of You when travel. And the Ranger can prioritize You that are experiencing the condition. In addition the Animal the Komodo dragon can feel it in radius fairly far so You are in that condition could be as eats this Animal.

Capture The Moment The Trip

You can capture the moment of Your travel with either a DSLR camera or camera Hp
Other things  Time travel Komodo Island tour, don’t forget to pay attention to some small things. Other things this is additional course. If You need a can be applied when traveling. Use them shoes a good.

Because of the contour of the region that is wavy enough better if you use the shoes. In addition, it is also to avoid other small animals such as Snakes.
Use Them Lotion. This is to protect You from the attacks of mosquitoes. Because in the wild of mosquitoes will be more easily found. And so Your journey more safe and comfortable.

Visit Komodo Island with

It cannot be denied if the Komodo Island presents a wide variety of beauty stunning. You can visit the Island of Komodo with easy to use travel packages of A lot of travel packages that You can find. More can be seen at

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