Travel to Komodo Island

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May 8, 2019
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Travel to Komodo Island



Travel to Komodo Island

Travel to Komodo Island

Travel to Komodo Island is one of choice to get the best experience of travel. Komodo Islands is a very famous island were located at East Nusa Tenggara. Komodo Island is a habitat for Komodo dragon, who is the biggest lizard in the world.

If you want to go to Komodo Islands, you can take a flight from Bali City or any other city to Labuan Bajo. You can use an application like Traveloka to book a flight or you can contact for the easiest book flight. And this is the fastest way to get to Komodo islands. It will cost you around 100$ per person.

You can choose another option to go to Komodo Islands beside by flight. You can take a boat from Bali to Labuan Bajo by fast boats. This fast boat is also one of the fastest transportation to go to Komodo Islands. If you choose this transportation, you will cost around 35$ to 50$ per person.

When to Visit Komodo Islands

The best time to visit Komodo Islands is around April to August, which in that period you could get the best weather and calm wave. You also could visit Komodo Islands in another time, but it would be possible to rain and storm.

Where to Visit Komodo Islands

You can visit many other tour destination when you travel to Komodo Islands. First, you can see Komodo dragon at Rinca Island which is the main tour of this travel. At Rinca Islands, you could see from near Komodo dragons, which at the same time you also would be guarded by the Rangers. The rangers are guardians at Komodo Islands and will protect you from Komodo dragons.

At Komodo Islands, you can also visit The Pink Beach. Pink Beach has pink sand, which this beach is one of seven pink beaches in the world. At Pink Beach, you can do snorkeling and swimming. When you were snorkeling, you will see beautiful fishes and colorful coral reefs.

If you didn’t want to do water activity, you can do tracking. Komodo island has many little islands, which you can explore. You could see sunset or sunrise if the weather is good. If you want to get exotics adventure at Komodo Islands, you can also swim with Manta Rays if you are lucky enough. If you choose the boat tour package, you can sleep and eat at the boat.

Where to Stay At Komodo Islands

When you visit Komodo Islands, you could stay at Labuan Bajo. At Labuan Bajo, you could find an excellent hotel and with a nice price around 35$ until 100$ per night depending on the facilities and services.

How to Around Komodo Islands

When you will travel to Komodo island, you need the best tour travel to look around. You can contact which they will give you the best trip and adventure at a good price.

All the tour package from Excellent Komodo Tour are an inculde car, English Guide, hotel, tip for the ranger, picket boat, and many others.

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