Enjoy The Beauty Of Flores Along With The Travel Tour Komodo Island Best

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Enjoy The Beauty Of Flores Along With The Travel Tour Komodo Island Best

Komodo Island

Komodo Island

It is definitely every person wants to feel an unusual holiday and give a different impression, one of them is visiting a place that is fairly exotic. In Indonesia alone, there are several locations that have a place both beautiful and unusual. Where you can visit the Island of Komodo.

To visit this island for yourself You can use travel tour Komodo Island in www.excellentkomodotours.com wherein the site You can choose a lot of the package holiday in accordance with such a desire You. In addition, on that site, you will get a lot of the best services for the exciting holiday You.

Places Visited With The Travel Komodo Island Tour

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On the island of Komodo itself, there are a lot of attractions which is also very interesting in addition to viewing the Komodo dragons is certain. Where there is still a lot of places that still maintained its beauty. Here are some of the places that you will visit while on the Island of Komodo :

1. Pink Beach

Locations You must visit during in Komodo Island is the Pink Beach, where this beach is very unique and also rare. Pink Beach in the Komodo Islands itself is one of 7 beaches in the world, so of course. Being a must for you to visit and also enjoy. The beach is just as the name implies, in which this beach has sand that is colored orange near the color pink.

2. Rinca Island

The location of the next entry in the travel tour Komodo Island is the Island of Rinca. This island is the largest island in Komodo Islands, where the island has a population of the komodo dragon the most compared to other islands.

Rinca island itself becomes the main site to become educational tour where you can directly see the komodo dragons that live freely. When You see the komodo dragon itself, You will be accompanied by the rangers who maintain the island and also komodo. Not only see the komodo course. But You can also take a walk to climb the hill in savanna, is the main attraction.

3. Bidadari Island

Bidadari Island is one of the locations on the Island of Komodo. Wherein this area You can enjoy the beautiful nature under the sea. In the waters around Angel Island, there is a fascinating underwater scenery. Where You can see a lot of fish, colorful and also coral reefs that are still awake its ecosystem. You will be diving with snorkeling or diving, in which usually the travel will give you recommendations of places rent the tool.

4. The beautiful Sunset and Sunrise From the Ship

Well, while you’re on the island of Komodo, You can also enjoy the tour with the ship. Where You will enjoy a stay in one of the ships that are there and enjoy the sunset and sunrise onboard the vessel. Of course, this will be one of a very pleasant experience and not easily forgotten.

It is a few tourist locations that you will visit when on holiday with a travel tour of Komodo Island.  Where if you want to get the best holiday better contact www.excellentkomodotours.com which provides several tour packages that can be selected. All packages are available to include hotel, meals, vehicle (car), a ship’s ticket, entrance ticket, the driver, to the tour guide.

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