The beauty of the Kanawa Island Tours Real

Kanawa Island and The Variety of Its Beauty
July 27, 2019
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July 30, 2019

The beauty of the Kanawa Island Tours Real


Enjoy The Beauty Trip Kanawa Island

Have you ever visit or vacation in Kanawa Island? If ever, what island are you going to? If not, are you interested to travel in Kanawa Island? Excellent Komodo Tours provides a package of a trip to Kanawa Island which is still a cluster of Komodo Island tours.

Not only Kanawa island is interesting in the Komodo National Park. But there is also some region around the Island of Komodo in the list of islands that serve as excellent komodo tours as the destination of the package tour. It is definitely the reason because of many other islands around the Komodo National Park which houses a variety of natural charm which is very impressive.

Kanawa Island And Komodo National Park

Kanawa Island

Kanawa Island

Kanawa island is one of the islands in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. Located not far from Labuan Bajo, just 10 kilometers course. If you want to reach Labuan Bajo with more affordable, we recommend doing the trip from Bali or Lombok. This is because you can choose a lot of tour packages to offer the best travel to Kanawa Island, one of the excellent komodo tours.

When I first arrived in Kanawa Island, then you will be greeted by views of the blue sea water, clear, like glass. Even from the top, you will see firsthand a small fish that is ready to welcome tourists who come. Not only that, but you will also find coral reefs that are ready to accompany you all. Kanawa island in this enchanting beauty that attracts. As for the charm, beauty, among others, as follows.

The Beauty Of Kanawa Island

Regarding breadth, the Island of Kanawa is present with an area of 32 hectares and serves a variety of natural scenery is very charming. During a visit to the island of Kanawa is you as if it were on a Private Island. You will see the white sand clean and smooth. Seawater is very clear and the hill with the grass-colored brown. With it all, no wonder if many people who fell in love with the island on this one.

With all its beauty is such, it is not surprising if many people who call the Island of Kanawa as a “ Little Paradise”. In Kanawa Island, you can do a fun activity. One of them is snorkeling. However, if you have the license of diving, you should not miss out on that opportunity. This is because under the Flores sea is indeed very alluring to anyone. The presence of colorful fish and coral reefs is very fitting used as a home for fish. It is not surprising if a lot of foreign tourists who come to the island of Kanawa.

Presenting a Blend of the Colors of the Beautiful Island

The presence of the color of the island Blue and also Turquoise be a perfect blend. Especially with the beautiful coastline and vast. Kanawa island with the blue sea and the calm waves make it the more alluring to anyone.

For it, excellent komodo tours present the island this one as one of the tourist spots in Komodo Island. The existence of the green color of coconut trees and other trees that grow around the Island of Kanawa make anyone more comfortable. More than that also make the atmosphere of the island to be beautiful and also colored.

The presence of beautiful scenery and colorful this to be one therapy that is very fitting to eliminate fatigue because of the working day – today. Kanawa island is able to bring peace and a sense of comfort. The presence of the beach breeze and the smell of the sea are fused is ready to welcome holiday all of you.

The Beauty And Diversity Of The Underwater World Of The Island Of Kanawa

Not only save views on the mainland alone. Trip Kanawa Island, you can also enjoy a variety of underwater scenery with the charm of beauty that is very amazing. A variety of coral reefs as well as species of fish live on the Island of Kanawa. Biological diversity is ready to give the enchantment under the sea is amazing.

When you are on the Island of Kanawa with Excellent Komodo Tours, you will all be given the facilities as well as access to snorkeling. The provided equipment is also very complete. Just calm down, Excellent Komodo Tours also equipped with guided snorkeling professional. With this, then safety you all will be assured.

When doing snorkeling, you can also capture all the best moments while underwater. Excellent Komodo Tours also complement the facilities in the form of a camera underwater, or the camera can be operated in the bottom of the sea. With this, you can capture the best moments during the snorkeling.

Trekking on a Small Hill

As it turns out, there is an exciting activity that you can do time to do trip Kanawa Island. Not just playing in the watercourse. You can do trekking to a small hill. From the top of the hill will be visible very clearly the beauty of Kanawa Island which is very beautiful. In addition, many is also a place for photos that can be seen from the top of the hill. Although it’s a bit difficult, all the way you will pay off when we get to the top of the hill. The peak of the Island of Kanawa into one of the favorite places for tourists to enjoy the sunset.

Its Inhabitants Are Friendly

Explore the beauty of the Island of Kanawa is an activity that is very exciting. You will see a very beautiful natural scenery. More than that, the population around the tourist areas are also quite friendly to all visitors who travel to this Island. Come to this area is very exciting. Especially when getting a good response from local residents. Imagine when you visit a place but the population around is not welcomed.

Package Price Friendly

Certainly, it is to be desired by travelers. On the Island of a Thousand available a variety of tour packages with affordable prices and friendly. It should be underlined, though presenting a cost that is affordable, yet still gives satisfaction to all the tourists. The best facilities and comfort of vacation will you get for following the journey along with the excellent komodo tours. The message now also.

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