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June 3, 2019
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Enjoy Trip to Rinca Island


Rinca Island is one of the well-known islands in the Flores.  The Flores region with the Icon of the Komodo Islands which have become the habitat of the original herd of ancient animals komodo this. It looks like it’s making it as a favorite destination that must be visited by tourists both from inside or outside the country. More and more tourists come to this island just to be able to see firsthand the animals that are almost extinct in this.

Interesting things on the Island of Rinca

The island is also a part of the world heritage site namely the UNESCO because geographically. Including into the territory of Komodo National Park together with the Islands of Komodo, Gili Motang and Padar. When viewed from the administratively, this island entered into the District of Komodo, West Manggarai Regency, NTT.

In Rinca Island, You can also meet the animals of Komodo. The island becomes one part of the Komodo islands. It is known that also be a habitat for native animals komodo with a population of at most a second after the island of Komodo itself.  Although the extent is smaller than Komodo Island. The population of Komodo dragons in the island around the 1500s and will be more easily found on Rinca Island than on Komodo island.

The Location Of The Island Of Rinca

The location of the Island of Rinca itself is near when from Labuan Bajo when compared with the Komodo Island itself. With the point of the highest island is located in Doro (Mountain) Ora with an altitude of about 670 meters above sea level. Not only the komodo course but on the island also live various kinds of animals ranging from wild pigs, Komodo dragons, water buffalo and birds.

Location Access To The Island Of Rinca

In the trek, visitors will be accompanied by a beautiful view of the form of the ranks of the hills and the expanse of the blue sea. The hills will be dry and will be colored yellow. When the dry season while in the rainy season, this hill would change color i.e. to green.

In the course of trekking. Visitors will find the top of the hill that has a view typical of the Island of Rinca. The charm of the sea blue and combined with the hills exotic the more add the beauty of the Island of Rinca. Really spoil the eyes of visitors.

Not only that, but Rinca Island also offers its visitors in order to preserve the environment with the creation of planting mangrove plants. To be able to buy the seed, visitors must spend money amounting to 150,000 rupiahs. Uniquely, the mangrove seedlings can be labeled accordingly with Your name and will and if you come again to the Island of Rinca. This can determine the development of the mangrove trees that had been in accordance with Your name.

The Price Of Admission

Price of the entrance ticket to the Island of Rinca if the totalized tend to be a bit cheaper if compared.With the price of the ticket Komodo Island. Which is about 25,000 rupiah but does not include other costs such as the cost of a ranger.

Access To The Location

To the location of the Island of Rinca is one way to start the journey from the heart of Labuan Bajo to wear a rented vessel. Visitors can also use the services of a travel agent. Who’s been providing tour package Komodo in the streets around the Port of Labuan Bajo.

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