Reason Why You Should Visit Komodo Island and Special Tips For Your Komodo Tour

What You Need to Know About Komodo Island and The Right trip Package You
December 6, 2019
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December 10, 2019

Reason Why You Should Visit Komodo Island and Special Tips For Your Komodo Tour

People are always having different reasons when it is about traveling. Some may need quality time with family, some need bonding time with friends, some need an intimate journey with their loved one, and some may need an escape for hectic days and longing for solitude or simply to rejuvenate their soul. Whatever the reason is, traveling has become a valuable experience.

Therefore, many people are very careful about planning the journey. From arranging the most basic and common part, which is budget then destination comes next or simply, the order comes in vice versa. When we talk about the topic of traveling, the komodo tour is known as a popular and favorable trip package from many. The reason why people choose Komodo island for their tour or trip destination is no other than the beauty of its nature.

Overall Komodo Island


Once you visit Komodo Island, you would able to witness the intriguing wildlife there, as this island is well known for being a homeland of Komodo dragon, the biggest lizard and probably the oldest of its kind on the planet Earth. Besides getting the chance to see the Komodo dragon, some Komodo tour package even includes other activity that let you get engaged with Komodo Island wildlife like swimming with the Manta ray.

Not only get to experience wildlife, there still plenty of activities you can do on the island. From a peaceful walk around the pink beach to enjoy the breath-taking landscape of the island, you will always have exciting things to do in Komodo Island.

Everyone is dreaming of a great and perfect journey of a lifetime and many people are willing to put their best effort into arranging the trip. Should you need some tips, we are ready to list them down to help you acquire the most and the fullest possibility of your trip. Here are some tips of komodo planning tour for you:

1. Choose the route wisely

First thing first, you need to know that as part of the well-known Lesser Sunda, Komodo Island is located between Flores and Sumba. It is very important to plan the route you will choose based on your location. You can either choose to depart from Jakarta or Bali and taking the flight to Labuan Bajo. For you who prefer to take the boat, you can start your journey from Lombok. Please note, each route takes a different amount of time and price.

2. Use best tour service

Using a tour service could a good idea since it will help you in planning the tour. There are many kinds of tour services to Komodo Island that ready to help you to arrange the whole journey. You could save up your time to prepare some things to be packed in your bag.

3. Mark your period date

If you are a woman and want to visit Komodo Island, please pay attention to your menstrual cycle. Since the Komodo is sensitive to the smell of blood, your menstrual blood could trigger their instinct as a predator. Make sure your komodo tour is saved for you!


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