Visit The Beautiful Pink Beach

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October 16, 2019
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October 16, 2019

Visit The Beautiful Pink Beach



Tour Pink Beach from time to time more and more devotees. Located right next to the west and entered as a part of the Komodo National Park. The pink beach became one of the destinations which must be visited, travelers. In addition to having a beautiful sea, the beach has a beauty other on the sand, because pink colored.

When You first see the Pink Beach, You will instantly be amazed at the beauty of the sand coupled with the blue and crystal clear seawater and behind him there’s a hill that dashing.
Be aware that the color of the sand on the beach was born from shards of coral and marine life there. The best moment to see the color of the ping issued on the beach is when the sun is scorching. And don’t forget to use a hat or an umbrella.

The List Of  Tour Pink Beach

Because it has a beautiful Beach at once colored Pink, this is what makes the beach become the title “Pink Beach”. Regarding the Pink color is created from animal-animal-sized micropenis called Foraminifera, which naturally gives the red pigment to the coral there is around the beach.

If You visit the beach, at any time You will be dealing directly with the ancient animal Komodo. All of you must know, the animal this one is species is the largest reptile alive in the world because the island is already their native habitat from time immemorial. If You meet with komodo, try to stay away because of the island no inhabitants, so it’s whoever they see, will be considered as enemies.

Aside from that, the Flores is also known for a dry climate. therefore a lot of the savanna that You can encounter in this area, one of them on the island of komodo. By doing so, will be very much spot photo spot for tourists to capture the moment when they’re on vacation in this region.

The Route To Pink Beach

In order to get to Labuan Bajo, available promo flight from Denpasar to the komodo airport about 1-hour travel. From komodo to Labuan bajo takes about 10-15 minutes. Travelers can rent vehicles such as cars to get to the port.

If from Labuan Bajo, generally if using a tour package, You will be taken to Rinca Island first, from Labuan Bajo to the pier Loh Buaya Rinca island takes 45 minutes. Then from the pier  will take time for 30 minutes of travel using the ship to beach location ping

If a tourist wants trekking and passes through the cliffs of rocks and mangrove forest will take about 4 hours with just a walk before it is ultimately up to the beach ping.
Tour the Pink Beach is presenting a variety of enchanting beauty stunning. Now is the time for You to visit right now. Get the best holiday experience at the Pink Beach together

Travel Tips to Pink Beach

At the beach, ping is not available stalls. Therefore for the tourists who will visit should prepare supplies that will be needed when traveling. Like, eat and drink, medicines, and a change of clothes and some other purposes. Supplies for snorkeling or diving You can get in Labuan Bajo
With located in the Komodo National Park.

So it’s expected to stay always careful while being located in the tourist area due to the large possibility of the komodo dragons roam. If You meet dengankomodo it is good to abstain because of komodo itself, including animals that are quite dangerous.  With this, it is highly recommended for You who want to visit the outlying islands that exist in the area of the island of Komodo to use the services of the police of the forest or as a tour guide while keeping You on the trip.


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