Natural Beauty of Wae Rebo Unique and Rare

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November 22, 2019
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Natural Beauty of Wae Rebo Unique and Rare

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The village of Wae Rebo is one of the tourism villages in Indonesia that presents a variety of its own uniqueness. I can say, this place is one of the paradises in the eastern end of Indonesia. It is not surprising if a lot of foreign tourists visit Wae Rebo. When came the first time, you will be greeted by local residents with the customs and traditions interesting.

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Access To The Site

If you do travel via flight, then you can get down at the nearest airport. But it could also go down in Denpasar. If you fell in Denpasar you can also do the holiday first in Bali. Stopping to see the beauty of Kuta beach or Sanur. After that continue the trip by using the Ferry. Travel by Ferry takes approximately 4 to 5 hours to Flores.

If it had been up to, then you can travel using the public bus to Labuan Bajo. From Labuan Bajo, please continue the journey to Denge. It takes approximately 2 to 3 hours. After that, proceed with the journey to Wae Rebo. Along the way, you will find natural scenery such as rivers and also the mountains.

The Price Of Admission

To be able to venture into unique places and also met with the surrounding residents are not charged. However, if you travel to Komodo Tours from Bali we recommend using a guide.

The Uniqueness Of The Village Of Wae Rebo

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1. The Origin Of Wae Rebo

Very less so if a visit to a place but do not understand the origins. As it turns out, this village still has lineage to the tribe of Minangkabau you know. Unique, right? Long story short, there was a man named Empo Mao that no other came from Minangkabau. Empo Maro’s sailing from the Island of Sumatra to himself up in Labuan Bajo. Because it does not have a place to live, then he lived in the Village of Wae Rebo.

2. Traditional house with Unique Shape

This place has a traditional house with a unique shape. That is cone-shaped. Almost no traditional houses in Indonesia with a shape like that. Of these forms has its own meaning.
Locals make the traditional house according to the way of life they believe in. The house consists of five floors and lots of room this save the meaning of their own.

3. There are only 7 houses in Wae Rebo

Not only has the unique shape of course. In the village of Wae Rebo, there are only 7 houses of the cone course. House with a conical shape is known with the name of the Mbaru Niang.

4. The Friendly Locals

Local residents Wae Rebo also knew friendly. You can tell the story about the customs and culture. Visitors usually will bring in books that are then distributed to local children.

5. Comes with scenery of green hills

When you visit Wae Rebo, you all will be spoiled with the scenery around is very beautiful. Background of green hills ready to welcome the arrival of you all. Along the way, you will all be faced with stunning scenery. A steep road will feel lighter when you pass through it.

6. Is a world heritage

The villages are located in the interior of Flores is it turns out was named as one of world cultural heritage complete with all of its uniqueness. Right in 2012, UNESCO gives the accolade. The coronation is given based on rarity and also uniqueness.

Trip to Wae Rebo makes you all get an amazing experience. You can all see and meet directly with the local population that still thick with customs.
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